Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold

Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold

Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold

Shakespeare’s Sonnets are unimprovable.  But, to many, they remain frustratingly unintelligible.  And thus, sadly, the greatest collection of love poems ever written are seldom read.

To clarify their meaning and enhance the enjoyment for a broad modern audience, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Retold is a contemporary re-write of all 154 sonnets, interpreted line-for-line, and written in the traditional iambic pentameter and rhyming pattern of the Bard's eternal verses. 

The rich scope of the sonnets is brought to life for today’s audience in an easily understood poetic translation. The passion, heartbreak, deception, lewd acts, reconciliation and mortality of Shakespeare’s originals can now be understood by all, without the need to cross reference to an enjoyment-sapping study-guide.  Assuming the Sonnets were written from the heart, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Retold helps the reader understand much of who William Shakespeare really was.


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