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Jack's Dinner


A Screenplay


Jack is sick, heartbroken, in need of divine intervention. He dreams of dinner with Gandhi, Mozart, Tarantino, Grohl, Reed and Shakespeare. His friends have one week to make Jack's dreams come true.



Feedback on 'Jack's Dinner' from The Black List

The Black List is the industry marketplace for movie scripts. 10 of the last 20 Oscars for 'Best Screenplay' came through the Black List. Reviews are carried out exclusively by approved industry professionals. Below is some of the feedback received for Jack's Dinner.

A charming and intelligent comedic tale of love and friendship.
Dave Grohl comes across particularly well as a fun-loving rockstar with a heart of gold.
There is intelligent dialogue, and the way in which the characters speak feels authentic. Shakespeare, for example, is particularly believable. The characters are fun to follow. They are icons who have be been placed into ordinary circumstances, and this makes the material very entertaining.
With the right A-list director, it could have a successful theatrical release.
This absurdist comedy drama is very engaging from the beginning to the end.
The premise is ambitious, out-there, and imaginative.
Its message at the end of the day and intentions are earnest, and it takes a pretty dark, serious story and attempts to shine a light on it with humor and sentimentality.
This charming dramedy has a lot of heart.
The plot twists are very well crafted, especially the ending.
There’s a passion for these characters that shines through on every page.
There are plenty of laughs in the hijinks the celebrities - both living and dead - get up to throughout this script but it’s the relationship between Jack and Denise that really grounds the story.
Jack’s Dinner is a fun concept with lots of potential to make for a heartwarming dramedy.