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Audiofile Magazine 'Earphones Award' for Shakespeare's Sonnets, Retold


Audiofile Magazine has given its ‘Audiofile Earphones Award’ to James Anthony’s book ‘Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Retold.’

Audiofile give the award ‘to truly exceptional titles that excel in narrative voice and style, characterizations, suitability to audio, and enhancement of the text.’

Listeners first encountering Shakespeare’s sonnets may have trouble with the language. Fortunately, James Anthony (who also introduces this audiobook) has put all of them into modern idiomatic English. After some explanatory notes by actor/novelist/poet Stephen Fry and an introduction by Anthony, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Paapa Essiedu narrates each original sonnet, followed by Fry’s narration of Anthony’s retelling. Essiedu leans toward understatement, letting listeners find their own meanings. Fry emphasizes the interpretations that Anthony has stressed in his versions. Purists will probably not like the modernization of these classics, but Anthony’s versions will help many enter the world of our language’s greatest poet. If only for that, he—and his excellent narrators—deserve our copious thanks.
— AudioFile Magazine

Read the full article here.

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